Robotic vacuums are an excellent option for touch-ups and spot cleaning, especially when dealing with pet hair. With their built-in and app-enabled intelligence, they can navigate tight spaces and maneuver around obstacles effortlessly. A reliable robot vacuum will free up your time and attention, allowing you to focus on other things without worrying about the cleanliness of your home. Based on rigorous lab testing, we are proud to introduce our top-of-the-line product, the Prettycare robotic vacuum cleaner.


Toatally hands-free Experience

-Washing & Drying Mop

Introducing the ultimate hands-free experience in floor cleaning with our Washing & Drying Mop. Perfect for hardwoods and tile, this vibrating mop effortlessly banishes dust, dirt, and pesky paw prints in a single pass. What sets our mop apart is its automatic washing and drying process, ensuring a completely hands-free experience for our customers. Say goodbye to the hassle of wringing out dirty mops and hello to a more efficient and effective cleaning solution. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the Washing & Drying Mop from Prettycare.


-Fully Automated Empty Wash& Refill Dock

Get ready for Prettycare's smartest robot combo yet! Our innovative Empty Wash Fill Dock provides an incredibly convenient and hands-free cleaning experience. With automatic dust emptying, mop washing, and robot water tank refilling, cleaning has never been easier. The dock even cleans itself, making maintenance a breeze. Plus, the Empty Wash Fill Dock automatically refills the water tank when the robot docks, and it can hold enough dust for up to 85 days without needing to empty a bag.

But that's not all - our combo even rises up to the challenge of carpet cleaning! With the touch of a button, our robot vacuum will effortlessly transition from hard floors to carpets, leaving your entire home spotless.

Not only does our smartest robot combo save you time and energy, but it also eases your cleaning load. Upgrade your cleaning game with Prettycare's Empty Wash Fill Dock and enjoy a truly hands-free cleaning experience.


-Rise up to mop the carpet

Love the feeling of freshly mopped floors? With our latest innovation, you can have the best of both worlds. Our intelligent mop lifting feature detects when the robot vacuum transitions from hard floors to carpets and automatically lifts the mop out of the way, ensuring your carpets get vacuumed while your floors get a deep clean mop. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between cleaning tools and hello to a seamless cleaning experience.

But that's not all - our robot vacuum is also the most powerful one we've ever released. With a maximum suction power of 5300Pa, it quickly and efficiently picks up debris, hair, dust, and more from both hard floors and carpets. Plus, its strong suction power allows it to last for up to 180 minutes, providing your home with a thorough and deep clean.

Upgrade your cleaning game with Prettycare's powerful and innovative robot vacuum, and enjoy the convenience of a truly seamless cleaning experience.


-Next-Level Intelligence(Indulge in Elevated Living with State-of-the-Art Intelligence)

Reactive AI 3D Obstacle Avoidance With Prettycare's advanced reactive AI 3D obstacle avoidance, our robot vacuum can effortlessly navigate around common household obstacles. Its camera and new neural processing unit allow it to identify hazards and unknown objects, determine their size and location, and avoid them seamlessly. Additionally, the robot vacuum has an added light feature that enhances obstacle recognition in dark rooms. Its advanced 3D structured light system supplements the RGB camera and can recognize furniture in your home and place them on the map automatically. With its intelligent hazard recognition, it can approach dropped shoes while keeping a safe distance from pet waste.


-Real-Time Video Call

Our Prettycare robot vacuum offers advanced features such as intelligent voice control, real-time video call, and simplified "one-word" commands to execute even the most intricate cleaning tasks effortlessly.


The Prettycare robotic vacuum is undoubtedly a superior robot vacuum with unmatched capabilities. Compared to other vacuums in the market with similar functions, ours is sold at a more reasonable price. Our cleaning performance is impressive and meets the high standards of our customers.