Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday in May and is a special festival to celebrate the dedication of Mom. In this special moment, Prettycare deeply understands the meaning of this person in everyone’s life and are eager to provide some useful information.



Why We Celebrate Mothers Day?

Mother’s Day, which originated in America, is advocated by Anna Jarvis in 1908 aiming to commemorate her mother. Soon Mother’s Day is widely spread everywhere as an international festival. Mother, as one of the most important persons in our life, gives us endless love, and constant support and cares about us selflessly.




In What Way We Can Celebrate This Festival?

As a woman becomes a mother, she dedicated all of her time to pesky housework, her kids, her husband, and her family. As a son or a daughter, we always tend to give her a gift to memorize this wonderful day per year. On Mother’s Day, we highly recommend our cordless vacuum - P1 Pro. With this special gift, we can make sure your mom will say goodbye to the pesky dirt business and handle it easily. Our products aim to make your cleaning healthier, more convenient, and more efficient!




Here are 3 reasons to choose Prettycare P1 Pro


  1. 30KPa Powerful Suction & 45 Mins Long Runtime: PRETTYCARE cordless stick vacuum 260W powerful brushless motor produces a strong suction power of up 30KPa at Max modes it can instantly capture debris, dust, crumbs, pet hair, cat litter, and dog food crumbs with ease.



  1. Self-Standing & Easy to Store: The upright vacuum cleaner has a free-standing design, you can put it anywhere you want, without any support or against the wall.



  1. Lightweight & Versatility: the main body of the lightweight vacuum cleaner only weighs 4 pounds, even if you lift it up for a long time to clean, you will not feel tired, suitable for all ages. Convert your upright vacuum cleaner into a handheld, allowing you to easily clean crevices, ledges, blinds, and behind furniture for a single, pet hair vacuum cleaner that cleans your entire home.


On this wonderful and special day, just extend our thankfulness to our mom and the things she has done for us. Whatever we choose to celebrate this festival with her, we just need to make her feel loved and cared for. Love and care is not just expressed on Mother’s Day, but every day!


Prettycare wishes all Moms in the world to be healthy, and full of happiness!