Vacuum cleaners are universal home appliances that allow you to quickly clean up a lot of garbage from the floor in case you have dust, hair, or other small bits of trash on the floor. Depending on what kind of floor in your home, you'll need to use different ways of cleaning. It's always a good idea to wipe up any spills immediately if possible, especially on porous surfaces like marble. Moreover, to remove marks and stains, use a dilute solution of water and vinegar. Do not readily use abrasive cleaners such as nylon scrapers or steel wool are not a good idea to be chosen as they can scratch the laminate. For everyday floor cleaning needs, the Prettycare W100 is a great option. A stick vacuum may also be handheld, which makes them great for cleaning up small messes like Crumbs, shredded paper, debris, etc. Additionally, the W100 is an excellent choice for households with pets and families.


One of the most critical factors when considering a vacuum cleaner is its suction power. Good suction power ensures that you can effectively clean up even the largest dust accumulations on your floors. Regular vacuuming also improves the air quality in your home. Reducing noise levels helps minimize disruptions to your pets and babies. The P4 vacuum cleaner is equipped with an upgraded brushless motor, providing an impressive 210W strong suction force that effectively draws in all the dust through airflow. This new and improved model generates less heat and noise (65db), and can last up to 40 minutes in standard mode, making it ideal for families with babies or those with high demands for cleaning.

P1 pro

Cleaning the floors and carpets is considered one of the most important tasks in housekeeping. Inadequate cleaning leaves room for bacteria to thrive and puts our family's health at risk. Prettycare newly released P1 Pro cordless stick vacuum makes cleaning your home thorough and effortless. Equipped with an intuitive LED touchscreen on the top, the P1 Pro displays real-time remaining battery life, eliminating any fear of running out of energy during cleaning. Additionally, the vacuum offers three suction modes that can be easily switched between, and with six batteries, it can handle all your cleaning needs. While this cordless vacuum is an excellent gift for your family or friends, it is also a practical and efficient cleaning tool that can benefit any household.

If you want a vacuum cleaner that is both effective and efficient, the Prettycare vacuum cleaner is the perfect choice. It will make cleaning your home a breeze, and you won't regret choosing it as your cleaning assistant.