W400 Introduction

The W400 cordless vacuum cleaner is a excellent cleaning device that offers a range of features designed to make your cleaning experience effortless and efficient. In this blog post, we will introduce the W400 and highlight its key features to help you determine if it is worth investing in.



Self-Standing Design

One of the standout features of the W400 is its self-standing design. No more leaning your vacuum against the wall or finding a storage space for it. The W400 can stand upright on its own, making it convenient to store and easily accessible whenever you need it.




180° Bendable Wand

Cleaning hard-to-reach areas is no longer a hassle with the W400's 180° bendable wand. Whether it's under furniture or high ceilings, the flexible wand allows you to effortlessly maneuver and reach every corner of your home.




6-Stage Double Cyclone Filtration System

The W400 is equipped with a powerful 6-stage double cyclone filtration system. This advanced technology ensures that even the smallest dust particles and allergens are captured, leaving your home cleaner and healthier. Say goodbye to dust and allergens floating in the air!




≤63db Ultra-Quiet Mode

Tired of noisy vacuum cleaners disrupting your peace and quiet? The W400 has got you covered. With its ultra-quiet mode, operating at a noise level of ≤63db, you can clean your home without disturbing your family or neighbors.




Suitable for Hardwood Floor & Low Pile Carpet

Whether you have hardwood floors or low-pile carpets, the W400 is designed to tackle both surfaces with ease. Its powerful suction and specialized brush roll ensure efficient cleaning, leaving your floors spotless and free from debris.




The W400 cordless vacuum cleaner offers a range of impressive features that make it a worthy investment. Its self-standing design, 180° bendable wand, 6-stage double cyclone filtration system, ultra-quiet mode, and suitability for various floor types make it a versatile and efficient cleaning companion. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional vacuum cleaners and embrace the convenience and effectiveness of the W400!