To ensure your home is cleaned well, and to reach an extent of hygiene, it’s essential for you to choose a quality vacuum, which can make your tough cleaning tasks much easier. What Prettyacare focus on is the effortless cleaning way we bring to our consumers. The Sale on the newly introduced H1 cordless vacuum cleaner now is in full swing. H1 is a must-have you’ll rely on for your toughest cleaning tasks.

Here are 5 reasons why you choose H1:

1. Powerful suction suits all your cleaning needs Break the tradition, and technology innovation, with an upgraded brushless motor, Prettycare H1 cordless vacuum cleaner offers strong suction force in Maximum mode( the strongest power in handheld vacuum), and the lowest does a great job as well. Once the strong airflow was released, almost all the dirt was swept away in a flash. Moreover, H1 is widely available for all kinds of places, such as dust, crumbs, and pet hair in cars, sofas, walls, stairs, and other hard-to-reach areas.

2. Super Lightweight Ease laborious house & car cleaning work H1, this lightweight(At just 1.3 lbs) and portable stick vacuum required minimal effort to maneuver which allows you to operate with one hand effortlessly. Apart from being merely a home appliance, this newly debuted H1 vacuum is extremely a great choice to be used especially in your car. It supports car cleaning with different needs (cleaning debris, dust, scraps in the crevice, etc.).

3.“One - button” dusting plus HD LED display With an Intuitive LED panel, H1 adopts "one button dusting". Dust in the container can be easily removed by simply pressing the button on the panel without getting your hands polluted. The led panel also displays the Real-time remaining power of the vacuum. When “E9” appeared on the panel, it indicates the full status of the dust container, just cleaning it empty for another use.

4.Fast and easy charging tech With a large-capacity battery and fast charging tech, H1 could constantly work for over 20 minutes with the standard suction. By placing the mini H1 on the base directly, users won’t be bothered instead connect the device with cords.

5.Delicate appearance design improving your user experience Black and blue consist of a chic combination. Leveling up the user experience for our customers of taste. Get more details about H1 by clicking the links PRETTYCARE H1