We are excited to announce the release of our latest product line, featuring an exciting range of colors, including blue, green, and purple. At PrettyCare, we believe that functionality and style go hand in hand, and our new vacuum cleaner collection beautifully embodies this philosophy. In this blog post, we will explore the key features of our new product range, showcasing how our vacuum cleaners can elevate your cleaning experience.



To delve into the world of effortless cleaning and versatile vacuum cleaner, let's take a good look at the features of W400.


No more hassle of finding a spot to prop your vacuum cleaner. PrettyCare’s innovative self-standing design allows it to stand upright on its own, ready to assist you whenever you need. The bendable wand adds an extra level of flexibility, enabling effortless cleaning even in hard-to-reach nooks and crannies.




Experience cleaner, fresher air with PrettyCare’s advanced 6-stage double-cyclone filtration system. This cutting-edge technology effectively captures even the tiniest dust particles and allergens, ensuring your home is always a breath of fresh air.




From dirt and debris to pet hair, PrettyCare’s vacuum cleaners boast powerful suction that achieves exceptional cleaning results every time. No corner will be left untouched. With a large-capacity battery, you can enjoy extended cleaning sessions without the interruption of frequent recharging.




With PrettyCare’s 6-in-1 functionality, you no longer need multiple cleaning tools cluttering your storage space. Our vacuum cleaners come equipped with various brush attachments and crevice tools to tackle any cleaning task, all while maintaining a lightweight and ergonomic design, making your cleaning experience easier and more enjoyable.




Illuminate your path to cleanliness with PrettyCare’s flexible LED brush. Whether you’re cleaning under furniture or in dimly lit areas, the built-in LED lights ensure no speck of dust goes unnoticed. Additionally, our vacuum cleaners are not limited to floor cleaning. They excel at tackling upholstery, curtains, and car interiors, making them versatile cleaning companions.


Upgrade your cleaning routine with PrettyCare’s newest vacuum cleaner collection, now available in a delightful array of colors. Embrace the self-standing and bendable wand design, experience the power of our advanced filtration system, and rest assured knowing that your cleaning tasks will be effortless with our powerful suction and long-lasting battery. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to multifunctionality with the 6-in-1 design. Let our flexible LED brush light the way to a cleaner home. Experience the fusion of style and functionality with PrettyCare.