The best cordless vacuums make home-cleaning chore much more convenient. They are amazing assistants on refreshing carpets and hard floors.The best cordless vacuum for you depends on your home and needs of cleaning. From Prettycare cordless vacuums, four best vacuums we recommend right now is as follows:

1. Budget Pick: Prettycare W100 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

As our best seller, Prettycare W100 definitely owns the crown of expection of performance. For the price, W100 did an above-average job of cleaning rugs and bare floors among our products. which is greatly suitable for pet family. Our top-selling product, the Prettycare W100, is truly exceptional in terms of performance. This vacuum cleaner is particularly well-suited for pet owners and does an outstanding job of cleaning both rugs and bare floors.

Even when dealing with a large amount of dirt and debris, the suction power of the W100 remains impressive. With a long battery life of up to 35 minutes on standard mode, you can thoroughly clean your entire home without having to recharge.Combined with the movable and detachable brushes, it can be flexible to remove all kinds of mucks in crevice, making your housework down with ease. The LED lights set on the head illuminate every space where dirt hides inside. Recently, we introduce green one for our customers to pick up their favorites.

2. Convenient Pick: Prettycare P3 Vacuum Cleaner

The standout feature of the Prettycare P3 is how intuitively the LED control panel it is to display he remaining power of your vacuum during cleaning, meanwhile, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the power of your vacuum cleaner.What need to be mentioned is its longer working time up to 40mins in total at standard mode, ensures thorough deep cleaning all around the house. Detachable battery enables your recharging work easier. Furthermore, the P3 is equipped with a dust-filled reminder that monitors the dust container's capacity and alerts the user when it needs to be emptied Coming with a flexible hose, retractable metal tube, long crevice, P3 can be assembled into 6 combinations. It can be assembled arbitrarily for easy cleaning of stairs, car interior, curtains, and other hard-to-reach places meet all your daily cleaning needs.

3. Upgraded Pick: Prettycare P4 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Breaking with tradition and innovating in technology , Prettycare H1 handheld vacuum ponders its foray in stick vacuum market. Euqipped with the newly upgraded brushless motor,our P4 model draws in dust and hair with powerful suction, making it especially effective for cleaning above carpets. This rechargeable vacuum cordless features a larger capacity battery, with lasting for 40 minutes. Its lightweight design enables you to clean more conveniently without the hassle of a power cord。.Should you have a high demanding of cleaning suction. P4 will be a great choice for you.

4. Lightweight Pick: Prettycare H1 Handheld Cordless Vacuum

In the handheld vacuum market, Prettycare H1 Cordless Vacuum features the strongest suction one. Super lightweight eases laborious house and car cleaning work, requires minimal effort to maneuver which allows you to operate with one hand effortlessly. The portability contributes a lot for car owners to handle their interior car cleaning. Comes with 3 pieces of accessories, it can be transformed to meet your different needs. With the cable ditched, a cordless vacuum is handy to have around for cleaning out the trunk of the car. Feedback from our buyers indicates that the delicate design of H1 leaves a deep impression when they were looking for vacuums online. Our R&D apartment designs “one-button dusting” to remove the waste automatically without polluting your hand. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient handheld cordless vacuum, the H1 would be the perfect choice for you.

Above all the recommendation, Prettycare is comfortable recommending it considering its advantages among all the products. Our goal has always been to bring "Pretty care, Perfect life" to our consumers, and we are confident that our product will help us achieve this.